Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Today's lunchtime research

So I've been pretty bummed about the whole chemo thing. Just all the bad things I've heard over the years. All the images in my head of bald folks puking their brains out and such. Just sounds so not fun. So I had been hoping for radiation treatment alone.

I'm begginning to become pursuaded that the doc is right and this is the best way to go, no matter the staging results.

First, chemo side effects are so much more manageable now (so I hear). The new anti-nausea drugs work wonders. They have stuff to boost your white AND red blood cell counts if those go to low. And a good friend of mine is promising me that a certain shampoo may help me loose less hair. Heck - at this point I'll try it :-) I just read a message from a girl about my age on the Hodgkin's listserv that said she is only out of it for about 2 days after treatment, and my boss said his was about 4 days.

But this article is what I think convinced me. A short summary is ABVD doesn't make you infertile (through not a huge concern of mine) and doesn't cause cancer later. But radiation drastically increases your risk of breast or other cancers. Something like a 1% risk of developing a new cancer each year. Yeah, that sounds fun. Every birthday roll a d100 to determine if you get a new cancer this year. I got a lot of years left!!

So fine... I'll do chemo. I'll even go all 6 cycles of it if I have to. *pout* I don't have to like it, but I guess if its better in the long run.

On a different note - I need a plumber, and fast. Like, this weekend. I'm thinking the bathroom on the ground floor is gonna be a nessicity rather than a niceity. Running up and down the stairs is tiring. And I need my wireless internet setup. I think I need a router b/c I was stupid and bought a wireless access port instead of a wireless router. MUST HAVE LAPTOP ON THE COUCH!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope you are entitled to pout all you want! Chemo has changed A LOT!! My sister in law didn't puke once. They do have a lot of different drugs now that help alleviate all the side effects. Definately fix the bathroom and get your wireless set up. You must keep in contact with us Spa girls no matter what!!


4:05 PM  
Blogger nycpetit said...

Hope...I also read that the AV thing is better for protecting fertility...and you should always discuss those things when you decide on treatment...six sessions is not so so bad..gosh my aunt had tons....and when you age is young, those are the things you want to discuss and ponder on with your doctor

if ever you feel they aren't listening...go to someone who will..I've had to change doctors three times...I am so glad I did...I found the one I trust

big hugs to you...oh, and as for being sick after chemo..yea it is totally different for each person...I will be on some that cause a lot of nausea lord we might be going through this at the same time (the first three months for me are the worst post-transplant) other thing..the red blood cell thing, epogen...I am telling works..NO side effects..and you feel like a million bucks....good for the red blood cells..don't know about the white..I will have those go low after surgery..but last year..they went too high and I had this rare disorder that caused one in ten million get it..terrible nerve pain...

oh the joys of the world.....:)

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