Thursday, June 24, 2004

Muga, muga, bo, buga

That was a weird test. And the IV lady wasn't too good. After two tries she said "if I don't get it this time, I'll go find someone how knows how to do it." Oh these people make me feel so confident sometimes. But anyway, they inject your with radioactive stuff, then you lay on this skinny table with no arm rests (and an IV still in your arm!) and they take pictures of your heart. I could see some of the still pictures, but I couldn't see the screen where it was actually beating. Bummer! Still, it was kind of cool. Except they were concerned that the couldn't make it any bigger on the screen, then some higher up came over and said "oh, she's just got a little heart." LOL I'm a small hearted chick!

I think I made a little progress in getting the PET. The official word Tuesday was my insurance would pay, so to wait for them to call, but if I hadn't heard by Thursday, to call them. Seeing as how I was in the same building this morning, I went down in person, with my doc's PET request, and tried to stand there until they gave me an appointment. I failed. They PROMISED to call me tommorow after they verified my insurance coverage. Dudette! They did all that on Monday. But apparently, that didn't count, she had to do it. *roll eyes*

Oh, and the dentist gave me a clean bill of health. WOO HOO!! Once again, I have great teeth. He always teases me about how I'm a bad patient b/c I don't let him make any money off me, so we joked that he was happy that one of his fellow medical collegues was about to make a ton from my insurance company. LOL

On a more crappy note, the stupid lump thing seems to be going up my neck now, and is tender. I'm not too happy about this. Secretly, there was part of me that was thinking one of these days they would call me up and say "Opps! We looked at the wrong bioposy." This doesn't seem to bode well for that happening.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

J and I are thinking about you...just thought I should tell you instead of assuming you know. We're sending positive thoughts to you from over yonder in Maryland. Your sense of humor about all of this rocks! --erin

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