Friday, June 25, 2004

I have a port

Got my port installed today. That was like real surgery in a real operating room. They told me it would be moderate sedation, and I'd probably just sleep, but I could be awake. Well, they started slicing in to me before I was full sedated or with not enough lidocain or something, b/c I started bitching about it hurting, so they put more stuff in my IV, and then I went to sleep for some really funky dreams. Apparently they did know what they were doing though, b/c I started waking back up right as they were taping the dressing on. I asked if they were about done, and they were. Kind of cool. It was supposed to be about an hour to an hour and a half, mine was closer to an hour and 45 mins, but since I was out, I didn't notice.

I feel like I'm back to where I was 2 weeks ago though. Can't turn my head very far, only its the other side now. LOL But it doesn't hurt nearly as bad. Hurts kind of like a pulled muscle. They didn't even give me good pain meds. When it all heals up, I'll have this little disk sticking up under my skin. It will be easy to see, but only if you are looking under my shirt, which 99.9% of the folks reading this won't be doing.

The weird part, they don't want me to change the dressing for a few days. But yet, some blood has already oozed through the gauze pad. They said its fine, and not to change it until sunday or monday. Whatever. And no showers for a week b/c it can't get wet at all. Blech! Guess someone needs to give the tub a good scrubbing.

We got home about 3, and I napped uptil about 5:30. I think I'll probably nap more though, but I wanted to post an update.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not to compare you to a dog, but when M and I did our Pet First Aid class they said you shouldn't take off a bloody bandage because doing so removes the first layer of scab. So if you take off the bandage you rip open the wound again and then you start all over. I don't know if that is what this is all about or not, but it did spring to mind.

Sorry you can't move your head or get wet (no swimming. bummer) but a nice relaxing soak can be good.

And if you get really frustrated, our kitchen sink faucet comes out and is a hand held thingie, so we can give you a mini hair salon experience. :-)


4:57 PM  
Blogger nycpetit said...

Funny how all diseases are so different, but at the same similar...that's the same procedure they do to install a neck catheter for's there, in the stomach (a tube), the groin vein, or they put a fistula in the arm..but I am probably going to have to be dialysized before the surgery..and that's the kind they'll yours...

hang in there hon


5:21 PM  

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