Sunday, June 27, 2004

Farenheit 9/11

In an attempt prove I can and do talk about other things and just to generate more comments to my blog, I am now going to discuss the finer points of Michael Moore's new movie Farenheit 9/11.

Just joking ;) But we did go see it today, and I think everyone should see it, even if you won't agree with a single thing in it, just so you can get fired up. :) I love political debates, and anything to get more people to take an interest in politics. Even if you don't agree with this unabashed liberal ACLU supported. :) We saw it at the Hoffman, where it was playing on two THX certified screens. We got the big theater! The 2:30 show was sold out, and some folks never found seats, standing in the doorway the entire 2 hours. One lady brought Kerry bumperstickers and buttons and was handing them out. She didn't bring enough. LOL

After the movie, we went for sushi and my favorite sushi place RUINED my favorite maki roll (ok, so "maki roll" is techically redundent). The last two time I ordered it, it was asparagus and shrimp tempura. This time, it was asparagus, shrimp tempura, and MAYONAISE?!?!?! What idiot ruins a good sushi roll with something as horrid as MAYONAISE?!?!?!

As far as the real reason you are reading this every day... no new developments. The swelling, bruising, and pain from the port have gone almost completely away. Actually, after the percocet wore off yesterday, I was fine with Alleve. And we did make it to the party.

The PET scan is tommorow at 8:30am. Joy! Then I am off to work. Chemo starts Thursday.


Blogger Naturegrrl said...

Hey, you never actually talked about the movie!!

I want to see that movie so badly. Carrie and I were going to see it on Saturday, but there was a front page story about how there were hundreds of people lined up to see it. I was hoping to see it on Monday or Tuesday, but she wants to wait a few weeks. I may see it anyway. Hey, it's not like I've got anything to do this week with the boys gone.

9:05 PM  
Blogger Gypsy said...

I'm glad you're feeling better and that you made the party. Good luck today!!!

9:47 AM  
Blogger nycpetit said...

Hey don't know yet how you'll feel after the first really may not be all that bad...don't bypass your plans for the weekend too much in expectation of feeling like crap

best advice my doc gives your life like there's no tomorrow...that means having a good time, and not excessively he said, the illness is an excuse to eliminate the unnecessary...


10:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I went to see the movie too! I was totally surprised that any theater in this town was showing it. There were people outside trying to get others registered to vote. And after the movie a guy stood up and yelled to everyone to go vote and don't be afraid to speak out! I agree that everyone should see it! I found some things very interesting and I totally loved the ice cream truck scene! LOL!

Glad you're hanging in there!! :)

11:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That last comment was from Linda (redhead68) :)

11:41 AM  

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