Saturday, June 26, 2004

Advil or Tylonol

Yeah right!! I woke up this morning and could hardly move. My back hurt from being on my back all night, and the surgery site hurt like hell. I must learn that just b/c its a "simple, same day procedure" does not mean its painless and you will be back to normal the next day. Anyway, after laying there for about 30 minutes trying to get up the nerve to sit up, I made myself a bagel with cream cheese (yum!!) and went rumbling through the medicine cabinet. Advil, tylonol, excedrin, percocet, asprin... PERCOCET!! So what if its two years old, its gotta be better than asprin! LOL 30 minutes later I had a nice warm fuzzy feeling and coule actually move. YAY!!! I had been told that the port installation was relitively easy, and just a little sore. I think the reason I'm a bit more than a "little sore" is the guy that told me that didn't exactly have an extra 5 pounds hanging off his chest pulling the skin down. I'm, err, hand carrying myself around.

We're supposed to go to a birthday party party tonight. I suppose we will still go, but I only promise to stay as long as the percocet works :)


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